Air conditioning can undoubtedly disfigure natural hair plus curls

My hair has caused me all sorts of problems over the years because of how curly it is and how susceptible it is to the changes in temperature and humidity around me.

I guess I’ve begun to get a nice grasp on what I need to do to keep my hair looking good and healthy.

Still, I can’t understate how even my home’s climate control can have a crazy effect on my hair. We all need really good air conditioning down here in the South, so using our air conditioner is a pretty regular thing. I happened to cut my hair around the start of the new year, so I was using our heater more than I was using the air conditioner. The air vent in our bedroom is directly above our bed, so the furnace would be blasting on me and my husband throughout the entire night. It did not take long for me to realize that the heat was causing our hair to be severely dry when we woke up, so I ended up shifting the direction that the air vent blew in. It’s not super straight-forward to completely change the direction of that vent, so the heat only shifted a bit. I also noticed that I could not set the temperature too high, or my curls would get too much humidity and get frizzy and stick out. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when the temperature control was set too low, It affected my hair negatively in a different way. It’s been challenging, however I’m reading a lot about hair and I guess it has helped me cope with all of this.


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