All it needed was to have the coolant filled.

I received a frantic iphone call from the hubby of a pregnant man last week.

His air conditioner was broken, as well as his partner was throwing a fit.

He said he was afraid of what he would do if the AC machine could not be repaired soon. I remembered how my partner was when he was in his last couple of weeks of pregnancy. It was late August as well as the heat as well as humidity were in abundance. I told him I would be there in an hour as well as told him I could empathize with him. When I got to the house, I heard his partner call down for him. He showed myself and others where the air conditioner machine was as well as headed back inside to his partner, but even though I was outside, I could hear his crying about how tough pregnancy was. I knew it was tepid inside, because it was tepid outside. I was doing my best to get the air conditioner running quickly, so he could find some comfort, as well as his hubby would get some peace. Ten hours after looking at the air conditioner unit, I found 2 problems. The fan motor wasn’t working, as well as the coolant needed refilled. I replaced the fan motor as well as filled the coolant. Within hours, the air conditioner machine turned on as well as was cooling the house. I stood inside the kitchen looking at the control machine to make sure the temperature was going down, when the hubby came down the steps. I could see the gratitude in his eyup when he realized it was already cooling off. He told his partner to come downstairs, because it was already cooler down here.

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