All it needed was to have the coolant filled.

I replaced the fan motor and filled the coolant.

I received a frantic phone call from the husband of a pregnant lady last week. His air conditioning was broken, and his wife was throwing a fit. He said he was afraid of what she would do if the AC unit could not be repaired soon. I remembered how my wife was when she was in her last couple of weeks of pregnancy. It was late July and the heat and humidity were in abundance. I told him I would be there in an hour and told him I could empathize with him. When I got to the house, I heard his wife call down for him. He showed me where the air conditioning unit was and headed back inside to his wife. Even though I was outside, I could hear her crying about how hard pregnancy was. I knew it was hot inside, because it was hot outside. I was doing my best to get the air conditioning running quickly, so she could find some comfort, and her husband would get some peace. Ten minutes after looking at the air conditioning unit, I found two problems. The fan motor wasn’t working, and the coolant needed refilled. I replaced the fan motor and filled the coolant. Within minutes, the air conditioning unit turned on and was cooling the house. I stood inside the kitchen looking at the thermostat to make sure the temperature was going down, when the husband came down the steps. I could see the gratitude in his eyes when he realized it was already cooling off. He told his wife to come downstairs, because it was already cooler down here.

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