Already seeing the effects from summer HVAC savings strategy

It’s been wonderful to be living in the south. My wife and I have wanted to move down here for the longest time. We both opted for sunshine and air conditioning when it came to our choice of universities to attend. And that’s how we met. But once school was over, we ended up moving back north toward family and new jobs. That meant lots of winters with plenty of HVAC heating from our gas furnace. Stil, every time I had the opportunity to try for an open position in the southern office, I tried. Finally, it happened for me and we were able to move. My wife found a job inside the zone controlled HVAC of an office nearby as well. We’ve loved everything about moving south except for the summer heat. That’s been tough to get accustomed over the last 3 years. But this year, I think we came up with a plan that will help us both adjust to the heat and humidity while saving money as well. It started off with leaving the thermostat setting alone this spring as the temperatures began to rise. This allowed our bodies to get acclimated to the heat better. Then, I followed the guidelines on the HVAC company website for lowering the cost of HVAC cooling. I sealed the house up tight and put up solar blinds to stop the direct sunlight heating. The thermostat is programmed now to only be 15 degrees cooler than the peak heating temperatures of the day. Our first utility bill came the other day and we are saving like crazy!

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