Andy was going to make his dream come true

Last winter, all Andy could think of doing was go to the beach, sit on the sand, and enjoy the sun.

  • He closed his eyes and pictured that white sand with the crystal yellow water stretching out in front of him.

Andy would lay close enough to the concession stand that he could hear other folks going up and ordering their drinks at the bar. Andy envisioned reaching up for his Mai Tai as the young person brought it over to him and his girlfriend. As soon as it was summer, Andy knew he was going to make his plans work. He packed everything up, told his girlfriend they were going away for the weekend, and drove to the beach. At the public beach, it was hot, humid, and had multitudes of people that it was even difficult to find a place for them to relax. There was no room near the concession bar for Andy to reach for his drink. He was forced to walk 4 miles to the concession stand. He looked at the bar, however all Andy could say was ‘ he’ll take a double ice water.’ He turned around and decided he wanted one more thing. Andy asked for a portable cooling system. He was handed a small water bottle that had a fan fastened. The portable air conditioning system was nothing more than a spray bottle. They were on the beach for a short time when his girlfriend stood, packed everything up, and said she wanted to leave. They drove to this hotel they’d seen that had air conditioning and stayed there for 3 day.