Are you the HVAC technician?

When I was sent on an emergency HVAC repair last week, I was expecting to have an adult answer the door.

I didn’t expect a six-year-old little boy to greet me and have me come into the house. I was thinking my colleagues had set me up for a prank, or I was about to be murdered by a madman. I was wary when I got into the house. There was no air conditioning, but I heard no one but the boy. He took me to the sofa, where his mom was sleeping. He told me he couldn’t wake her up, and that’s why he called me. He was worried he had called the wrong number because he didn’t read well yet. It was so hot in the house that I could tell the woman was suffering from heat exhaustion. She was burning with a fever and her skin was super dry. I called an ambulance and then asked where mommy’s phone book was. He gave me her phone and said it was all in there. I asked if he had an aunt and he told me her name. I called her and told her I was an HVAC technician, but her sister was on the way to the hospital with heat exhaustion. I explained about the air conditioning and that her nephew made the phone call. She arrived ten minutes later, dressed her nephew and praised him for calling for help. She followed the ambulance while I worked on the air conditioning unit. I got a phone call from the aunt later that afternoon. She said if her sister hadn’t gotten help when she did, she would have died, and she thanked me for my help.

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