Better air with air purification

Not wanting to come home from work was the clear red flag that it was time to solve the problem with our indoor air.

Once I noticed that I was actually seeking out additional details to keep me inside the zone controlled HVAC of work longer, it was time.

But that’s exactly what happened. And it was all because of the bad indoor air quality that we could never quite solve. Of course, had we simply called the HVAC professionals sooner, I don’t think I would have been staying late at work to avoid the stinky air at home. Still, my wife and I tried to do everything that we could to deal with the indoor air in our home. There were plenty of candles and sprays as well as a variety of the plug in deodorizers. We even went as far at to buy an ionizer like the ones they use in hotel rooms. But while there was a bit of relief, at least momentarily, as soon as the HVAC equipment kicked on, the stink was back. Finally, we went to the indoor air experts at the HVAC company in order to actually solve the problem. And we got the resolution we wanted and then some. The HVAC company installed a whole home air purification system inside the HVAC unit. This thing actually destroys all airborne contaminants using UV light. By the morning after the HVAC professionals installed the air purifier, the house smelled like a dream. This is by far the best indoor air quality we have ever had. I just wish we’d have gone to the HVAC professionals sooner.


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