Billy was going to take the equipment out to do some work

Billy built this shed where he has all of his farming equipment.

  • This shed is covered on three sides and the front is open.

When it’s winter, the walls shelter the farm equipment from freezing temperatures, snow and ice. Billy used to have a small gas furnace in there, however it broke down 3 years ago. This gas furnace would have been handy last winter, when the area received 4 feet of snow in a day. Billy couldn’t believe this had caused the farm equipment to freeze in the shed. He was going to take it outside and do some work on it, but the tractor was completely frozen. Billy had to laugh at this turn of events, but his wife could see that he was totally irritated. She went inside their home and emerged with a portable heating unit. Billy’s wife went back out to the shed and plugged in the heater into the wall socket. She ran an extension cord from the wall to the section where the tractor was sitting. Billy’s wife covered the tractor with a wool blanket and placed the heater underneath next to the tractor. After some time, the whole garage, plus the tractor were finally thawed so Billy could move the machine. He kept the portable heating unit in the barn so he can use it from time to time when the temperatures are below freezing causing tools and equipment to freeze. His wife had come to his aid when Billy was at a loss on what to do.


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