Can you find it in your heart to keep the bill low?

I find it funny when I need to go to the home of elderly people.

I understand they are on fixed incomes, but most of those people have more money in the bank than I do.

Many of them vacation almost all summer long, and they have nicer cars and travel trailers than I’ll ever have. Last week, I had an old couple bring their travel trailer into my service shop. She told me the HVAC system wasn’t working, and they were heading south. I asked if they heard any sounds, or if it wouldn’t turn on. It surprised me when she said it wouldn’t turn on. They had been traveling for the last two months, and this was the first time they needed the air conditioning. They had used the heating the first two weeks they were traveling, but that was two months earlier. I walked out to the trailer and got up on top. I pulled the top off the HVAC system. I immediately knew what was wrong with the air conditioning. I asked if they had a mouse problem since being in the trailer. She said they had seen a few mice, but she thought they had all been exterminated. Her husband said he had the trailer fumigated, and there shouldn’t be anything in the trailer. I told her the mice had eaten through the wiring and the HVAC system needed to be rewired. We had an HVAC technician in the shop who worked on wiring. She asked me if I could find it in my heart to keep the bill low, and all I could say was that I would try.

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