Cannabis users hate air conditioning system

I’ve been working at a medical cannabis dispensary for a few years and I’ve come to understand that cannabis has a variety of wonderful benefits.

  • All sorts of people with many conditions find a solution in cannabis.

It’s cool to hear about their different experiences with this amazing plant, I must say. Although lots of people have different experiences, One consistent thing I’ve heard is that consuming cannabis messes with your perception of the temperature. A lot of people say that when they’ve had their medicine, they instantly turn off the air conditioning system or turn the heater on because their body temperature naturally drops with cannabis use. This is an unusual side effect, but it doesn’t do all that much harm. I wonder if cannabis users affect how good the market is for HVAC companies, since they won’t use air conditioners nearly as much as the average person. However, maybe business will be good in the winter when it comes to gas oil furnaces, since they get undoubtedly chilly after consuming medicine. I myself have invested in a smart thermostat, so that I can adjust the temperature without having to get up from the comfort of my bed. Having a smart temperature control would help other cannabis users too! All in all, I can tell you that this job has been undoubtedly fulfilling. I’ve been able to help people with all sorts of illnesses and ailments and learn more about how cannabis helps them. I’ve met a lot of good people and I am convinced that natural medicine can be lifesaving for people globally.