Cat is killing me

I have always been an animal lover.

  • I am still more comfortable spending time with animals than other human beings.

The thing is… There are a few animals that I absolutely do not appreciate. For instance, my roommate’s cat. This animal is very high maintenance, constantly throwing up everywhere, and driving up our Energy bill every month. You see, the cat really enjoys being out on our balcony where she soaks up the rays of the Sun and the hot air. I’m not sure why she enjoys our semi tropical environment so much, but she wants to roast outside in the 90 degree weather rather than bask in AC. This is all well and good… Except she won’t stay outside in the heat and humidity all day long. Instead, she wants to walk into the air conditioning for a sip of water and a mouthful of food before she saunters back out into the heat. This has the effect of causing us to open the door over and over again, releasing our expensive air conditioning outside.It also interrupts workflow, trying to keep up with her heating and cooling needs. If you don’t open the door, she screams bloody murder until you give in. However, the only other option is to leave the door open and lose even more expensive air conditioning to the balmy climate outside! Since I work from home, I’m trapped in a losing battle of cat vs AC vs getting work accomplished all day. No matter what I do, I lose. Especially when the electrical bill rolls around each month, and we’re paying to air condition the outdoors.


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