Ductwork cleaning is the best

I just can’t believe what a difference the ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing has done for my home.

Had I been aware of just how amazing this HVAC procedure really is, I would have gotten to it way earlier.

Turns out, I simply didn’t think that ductwork cleaning was all that necessary or important. Sure shows what I know. We’ve been living in this house for nearly a decade and in all that time, I’ve never scheduled a ductwork cleaning appointment with the HVAC company. This is even after the HVAC contractor suggested that I do just that when we bought the place. Part of the deal when buying the house was that we would be the ones who replaced the HVAC equipment. This had been a sticking point with the sale and almost led to us taking our offer off the table. But the seller decided to negotiate and we ended up saving thousands on the sale of the house for being willing to replace the heating and cooling equipment. Yet, I have no idea just what sort of condition the HVAC air ducts were in when we replaced the HVAC equipment. So when I saw an email from the HVAC company offering a special deal on ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing, I was jumped on it. The HVAC professionals who came out to do the work were just wonderful. They took special care not to mess up the house or track dirt from the air ducts. And they were pretty quick about the process as well. But the next day, I was amazed at how clean the entire house felt and the indoor air quality was vastly improved.

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