Found the HVAC leak and saved hundreds on heating last winter

We are well into summer and the central air conditioning is now the center of our HVAC universe.

While our summer isn’t anything compared to our neighbors to the south, I’m sure thankful for the air conditioning.

Without HVAC cooling, I think summer days would be a lot more troublesome to manage. But with the central air conditioning, the house is nicely cooled and the humidity levels are balanced thanks to the heat pump. However, while it is summer, I still can’t stop thinking about what a great winter we had in our home. Finally, the house was super cozy and the cost of heating our home wasn’t through the roof. We’ve been in this house for five years now. And no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t seal the house up tight enough to make it cozy. Or so I thought. The fact of the matter was that I had an HVAC heating thief that was flying under the radar. I had replaced all the weather stripping along with adding more insulation to the attic. I changed out storm doors and made sure that every single gap on the exterior was caulked and sealed. Still, I dealt with a house that was always experiencing a draft that made the house cold and cost me a ton in heating costs. Finally, thanks to an instant read temperature gun, I found the culprit. A window that had been replaced with double panes was not insulated properly when it was installed. The window company came out and did it right this time. That was all it took. Our house was so warm this winter and I saved literally hundreds of dollars on HVAC heating costs.

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