Having a functional furnace is important if you have pollen irritations

Seasonal allergies hit me like a ton of bricks.

Sometimes I get hit with dust sensitivity attacks that are so awful, I have to call out of work.

Out of necessity, I’ve learned of several ways to combat these horrible allergies. However, there’s only so much I can do until my body’s immune response calms down. Something that I found especially helpful is to make sure I’m nice and toasty by sitting next to the furnace. Our bodies love to sweat things out when they aren’t feeling well, so our portable furnace does the trick nicely. If it isn’t sizzling outside and my pollen irritations are a consistent bother, I will turn up the thermostat in such a way that the condo becomes my own personal sauna. I shudder to think what this does to my energy bills, however I’m quite ecstatic that I have an energy-saving heater. Another method I have of coping with pollen irritations is to set up the portable furnace and sit myself in front of it for a few minutes at a time. I’d only advise doing this for a short duration of time, because those oil furnaces get super hot plus having that direct heat on your face for too long can be damaging to the skin. Sometimes I’ll use a humidifier in conjunction with the furnace heat, which helps open up the sinus passages. I love finding different natural ways to take care of my body.



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