Having a stable a/c is pressing in a commercial study room

My friend began a commercial meal prepping business last year and had much success! She makes all sorts of healthy and scrumptious meals, and her prices are quite affordable in my opinion.

I also cook a lot as well, and I have been thinking about starting a food truck business. My friend gave me a tour of her food prep area. One pet peeve of hers concerning her kitchen is that the a/c is super wonky. The proprietor makes her turn off the a/c when she leaves for the day. However, this is aggravating because it naturally get a little warmer overnight. Because she is storing food in there, she wants the a/c to constantly be on so that nothing spoils. Thankfully, she has a superb refrigerator and freezer so nothing has gone bad yet, but it would still be beneficial for the appliances that the a/c stays on. The other thing that is upsetting about the a/c being off is that when she arrives the next day, it takes far too long for the temperature to fully get cool again. That means that she is hot and perspiring as she gets ready for the day. I can imagine this being a real drag during the summer months, so I told her that she should speak to her landlord about this air conditioning rule. It doesn’t make sense to turn off a commercial a/c every single day. I’m not even sure that turning it off saves money or provides any real benefit.



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