Having a stable air conditioner is important in a commercial study room

My friend is a chef who started a catering business, and it has really taken off for him! His meals are mostly healthy, and all delicious, plus his prices are pretty reasonable in my opinion.

I also enjoy the culinary arts, and have been thinking about opening a food truck.

My friend provided me with a tour of his kitchen to see how I liked it. Everything looked quite swell, but my friend informed me of a little problem concerning the air conditioner. The building owner makes him turn off the air conditioner when he leaves for the day, which he feels to be quite unreasonable. You would think that because he is storing food in there, he undoubtedly needs the air conditioner to consistently be on so that none of the food goes bad. Luckily, he has a good refrigerator and freezer, however, it would still generally be a good idea that the air conditioner stay on. The other thing that is annoying about the a/c being off is that the beginning of his shift is quite warm as the air conditioner works to recool the entire room. That means that It’s hot and stuffy until the air conditioner cools everything off. I can imagine this being especially challenging during the summer season months, so I suggested that he complain to the landlord that this is unreasonable. It doesn’t make sense to turn off a commercial air conditioner every single day. What a silly way to try to save a dollar.

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