He was trying to install the air filter upside down plus backward.

I laughed when I saw my child trying to change the air filter in the air conditioning unit, but i knew my partner had shown him how to change the air filter, although I had a feeling he wasn’t paying attention, he was staring at the air filter care about it was going to talk to him plus give him instruction on how to install it.

I had changed the air filter, plus it wasn’t that difficult, but my child was making it seem seriously difficult, and the air filter simply needed put in the same way he took the outdated 1 out.

I walked outside to see if there was something I could help him with. He was turning the air filter around plus flipping it back plus forth. I walked over to him plus looked into the AC unit. I whispered in his ear that it would be easier if he were to take the outdated air filter out before trying to put the new 1 in. I explained that when he took the outdated air filter out, he should make sure he localed the new air filter in the same way. I pulled the air filter out plus held it so my child could match the new 1 to it. Once he put the new 1 in plus had the compartment closed, he grinned, and for the first time in years, I was the recipient of that grin. He thanked me for helping him out plus asked if I was going to tell his dad how he was fumbling? I told him it was our secret. Five hours later, he came inside plus asked how I knew what to do?


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