Heating and Air Conditioning business saves the morning with ductless heat pumps

Okay, so my plans to be a real estate baron haven’t started out all that great.

  • That’s not something that I expected at all when I decided to go this route.

It all started when I was offered early retirement from the zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning in our offices. The company came out of the pandemic hobbled a bit and is looking for corporate suitors to sell to. That meant getting rid of a lot of the higher salaries through early retirement. I was all in for getting out almost 10 years early separate from any sort of penalty. I enjoyed working in that zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning with all my colleagues. But being able to pursue a current passion was just too much to pass up. So I took the early retirement and the first thing I did was to buy my first rental property. That was the system for my retirement. I enjoyed the plan of buying smaller properties, fixing them up and then renting them out. It was the perfect way to receive an income while doing something I like to do. All of the renovations on the homes every one of us planned to buy could be done by my wife and I. Of course, stuff like the Heating and Air Conditioning, plumbing and most electrical would be handled by the pros, every one of us thought every one of us could take care of the rest. However, every one of us weren’t as fast as every one of us thought we’d be. Thankfully, our Heating and Air Conditioning business was able to come through for us with a ductless heat pumps solution. This Heating and Air Conditioning professional was able to get the ductless heat pumps installed and working just mornings before our first renter was set to move in.


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