HVAC air filtration change makes enormous difference

I had no idea how utterly important the indoor air quality of my home was to me and my family.

Perhaps living in a rural area gave me some false sense of security when it came air pollution.

Since I was a kid, the only air pollution I was aware of was outside and certainly not where I lived. We had great outside air and plenty of it. Living in the country came with great quality heating and air and pure, clean outside air. Or so I thought. Turns out that no matter how clean the air is inside, that doesn’t automatically translate to good indoor air quality. There is just so much inside our homes that affect the indoor air quality. The carpets, furniture and other everyday items had synthetic elements that were being released into the indoor air. Throw in all the pet dander from our dogs and cats and we had an indoor air problem. This was first noted when I just couldn’t get rid of a chest cold. This thing just kept lingering so I finally went to the doctor. To my surprise, the doctor suggested that I call the HVAC company to get ductwork cleaning done and then change the air filter. I told her that I changed the air filter every month. But the doctor explained that what she meant was to upgrade to the HEPA filter and get rid of the cheap air filters. I did just what the doctor ordered and wow, what a difference was made in our indoor air quality.

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