HVAC warranty helped me save my folk’s HVAC unit

Since this was HVAC equipment that wasn’t even 3 years old, that was not good.

Whenever our assistant lets me know that my mom is on hold, my stomach tightens up. I work inside the zone controlled HVAC of a really nice office building. But whenever I hear those words that mom’s on the line, I start sweating and feeling weird. This is due to the fact that my mom never calls the office unless there is something really wrong that needs my immediate attention. And with my dad being up in years, I’m always afraid that it’s about him. Well, this time it was about him but it wasn’t dad and his heart or anything like that. It was all about dad and the heating and cooling equipment in their home. After a years worth of cajoling, I finally got my mom and dad to move south to be closer. The winter is milder and the heat pump hardly even has to come on. That was what finally got them. Still, the heat of summer is never fun for anyone but especially for those who are from the north. Apparently, the air conditioning wasn’t working properly and my dad had decided to take matters into his own hands. Since this was HVAC equipment that wasn’t even 3 years old, that was not good. I had mom find the HVAC warranty and I flew out of my office to get to them before dad wrecked the HVAC unit. All it took was me reading the part in the HVAC warranty that stated the warranty would be void if anyone but an HVAC professional tried to repair it. We called the HVAC professionals and they made a quick, inexpensive adjustment that had the air conditioning right back to where it was supposed to be.
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