I am sorry for the AC men on the roof

It is so tepid outside right now that I cannot even handle it.

It is 95 degrees in the shade plus if you have to be out in the sun, then you might as well just forget doing it.

You would basically just melt away into a small puddle of warm sweat. That’s why I felt so poor for these men that were working up on top of the roof of a building a little while ago. You guess that it has to be super brutal out there on the black tar roof when you are even closer to the sunshine than you are when you are on the ground! It looked to me like these AC techs were working on the commercial air conditioner units that are installed at the top of the building. I do not guess what they were doing or how long it would take them to finish, however I sure do assume sorry for them. I don’t see how they can possibly be able to stand up there for legitimately long in all of this heat. I mean, it’s a really poor day to be working out on a hot, black tar roof, that’s for sure. I just keep thinking that someone needs to go plus take those men some cooled towels or some ice freezing drinks or something. I absolutely started to stress that 1 of them might pass out up there while he was working on the air conditioner components plus fall off of the roof! I kept an eye out to make sure that nobody had a heat stroke plus it was quite frightening. I wish that they had been able to turn on some of the air conditioner units that they were working to fix!

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