I didn't want to work last weekend

Everyone has to work on the weekends.

My co-workers and I take turns.

When it is my turn to work on the weekend, I try not to complain. Nobody likes working the weekends, but we each have to take a turn. Last week it was my turn to work on the weekend. The first job I had scheduled was a maintenance tune up for a heat pump and air conditioner. That job did not take very long to complete. I grabbed a cup of coffee when I was finished with that job. The next job on the schedule was only five miles away from the other place. I barely had time to sip my hot coffee before I was pulling into the driveway of the next HVAC repair. The person waiting for me closed the front door, even though she had it wide open when I arrived. I knocked on the door and she made me show identification before she would let me come inside. I reminded the woman that she called me and not the other way around. After the lady finally let me into the house, she showed me where the furnace was located. I had to climb through piles and piles of garbage to get to the area where the furnace was located. I did not want to work last weekend and I really did not prefer the deliveries I made on Sunday, but I have to work every once in a while just like the rest of the crew. At least the job is fun, exciting, and interesting in every way.
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