I Don’t Like the Window AC Unit

There are a lot of positives and disadvantages to living in an apartment.

The good things include no responsibility over anything that breaks and no service on the house or landscape is necessary.

The bad news is that there’s no control over what gets done or what gets fixed. As a renter, I can’t change anything separate from permission and I can’t get anything fixed unless I put in a work order to my landlord, however my landlord is nice and she takes care of all my basic needs, however he’s refused to let myself and others switch out the window AC unit. I knew that the house came with a window AC unit when I signed, but I was hoping that I could change it out for a ductless mini split system instead, then ductless mini split units were more efficient and they had a longer lifespan than a window unit. I knew it would do a better job at cooling my bedroom and it could potentially increase the value of the house in the future. I even provided to pay my landlord more per week if she installed a ductless mini split unit; Unluckyly, she wouldn’t budge and I’ve been forced to live with a window AC unit. The window unit is loud and inconsistent. It can only cool a small section of space around it when it’s on and it wakes myself and others up in the middle of the evening. I also believe like it’s not installed properly because there are thin cracks around it that are open to the outside. If I can see outside, I suppose there is Heating and Air Conditioning treated air being wasted.


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