I have met all kinds of people.

As an Heating and Air Conditioning company, I have met all kinds of people.

I thought I had met the worst and the best, despite the fact that I was wrong.

It’s amazing how the heat of Summer can cause the seemingly nice people to turn bad. It’s prefer the heat fries the brain, and the personality is the first to change. When the a/c in the beach house isn’t working and the heat takes over our living space, the change is even worse. Earlier in the Springtime, I had talked to this couple when I worked in the a/c unit. I explained to them they needed a up-to-date a/c unit, and I wasn’t sure it would last through the summer. The fiance told me to repair the a/c machine and if it died it was their fault and not mine. So, here I was more than one weeks later, and the a/c machine had quit running prefer I had predicted. The fiance was angry that I hadn’t repaired the A/C machine officially, and I pulled out the paperwork I had from the initial service call. I had noted that there was a repair made, but the Heating and Air Conditioning tech had already told the owners the A/C machine needed replaced and not repaired. I also wrote that the A/C machine would not last through the summer. The fiance was irate and told me I had written that after I made the repair. I agreed that I did, despite the fact that I had made the repair at her behest and not mine. Her wifey intervened and asked if I could send someone over so they could choose a up-to-date a/c unit.

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