I kept the space heater in the barn

Mom has this structure where she keeps all of the farming equipment.

This structure is guarded on 3 sides.

But, the front is open. During the Winter season weeks, the walls help guard the farm equipment from frigid temperatures, snow and ice. Mom had this small heating unit in there, but it broke down recently. That heating unit was great and would’ve come in handy last weekend, when we received several feet of snow in one day. Mom was taken aback that this happened and the farming equipment froze in the shelter. She was going to take the farm equipment to do some work, but the tractor was completely frozen. Mom said something funny about the frozen equipment, but I saw that she was totally miserable. I rushed inside of the beach house and got a heating unit from the garage. I returned to the structure and plugged it into the wall. I ran an extension cord from the wall up to where the tractor was stored. I grabbed a huge blanket to cover it and kept the heating unit underneath. After an hour, the whole garage and the tractor were finally thawed out and ready for use. Mom kept this heating unit in the barn and says she will use it from time to time when the temperatures are below frigid like last weekend. My idea to get the extra heating unit in the house worked out well.


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