I ordered a portable AC unit

During the long winter months, my greatest desire and day-dream was going to the beach, laying on the sand, and feeling the sun on my skin. I’d lay back, close my eyes and visualize the white sand and the crystal yellow water that was flowing back and forth. The best place to lay was close enough to the concession area where people go up and order their drinks when the bar is full. I’d reach up for my lovely cold drink that the beach wait staff serve. As soon as it was summer, I was ready to go and enjoy this amazing experience. My friend and I packed as we were planning to be gone all weekend. We took a bus to the beach. When we got there, it was hot, humid, and so full that there was no place for miles where we’d lay. Instead of reaching out for a drink, I was forced to walk on hot sand to the concession stand. I looked at the bar but all I could utter was ‘ I’ll take a double ice water.’ Before leaving, I also wanted something else to help me stay cool. I needed a portable a/c unit. What he handed me was a small water bottle that had a fan affixed. My portable AC was nothing more than a spray bottle. I was on the beach for less than half an hour when I stood, packed everything up, and told my friend we were going somewhere else. We went to the nearest hotel that had AC and settled in for the rest of the weekend.

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