I was told to hold my breath when walking by the graveyard.

The Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier gave me the name address where I had my next air conditioning repair.

When I looked at the address, I knew it looked familiar, although I could not imagine why. I knew the area pretty well, but this was an enigma to me… Just a handful of Heating, Ventilation & A/C techs started talking about an outdated wive’s tale they had heard about. They said the graveyard I was laboring near had been cursed. If you didn’t hold your breath while walking past the graveyard, the curse would steal some of your soul, plus you would die early. I knew they were joking with me, although I had a Grandmother who believed in curses, plus I never took them lightly. I hadn’t to park nearly a block away from the new home where I was supposed to be laboring. I tried to hold my breath while walking past the graveyard, although I soon realized it wasn’t going to help me. The new home was directly across the street from the graveyard. I talked to the owner of the new home plus showed me where the air conditioning unit was. While laboring on the AC unit, the partner came out back plus said he was ecstatic I got there. Too several Heating, Ventilation & A/C servicemans plus other repairmen had trouble coming to this area because of the graveyard. I asked if it was entirely cursed. He laughed plus said he had lived in this new home for twenty years plus he had to even see a ghost. It made me know better to hear this, plus I abruptly got back to work. Although I heard what he said, I just wanted to get the AC unit repaired plus get back in my repair van.

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