I wondered if it was safe to work when there were people in there?

When I got our Heating and Air Conditioning certification, I thought I would work in an Heating and Air Conditioning corporation.

I never expected to be working in a garage and working solely on Heating and Air Conditioning systems.

Last week, a family pulled in, and they were driving a full-sized travel trailer. There were numerous teenagers in the trailer, and they refused to let them out. The Dad said they would get into everything and it would be easier to make them stay inside, where they had cable and a gaming system. I wasn’t sure it would be safe for me to work on the Heating and Air Conditioning plan when those teenagers were still inside. What if there was a coolant leak, and it seeped into the trailer? I talked to the manager and asked her opinion. She told me to repair the Heating and Air Conditioning system, but to tell the parents every one of us were against the children being inside while she was on top of the trailer. No sooner had I gotten on top of the trailer than I heard the teenagers fighting and the trailer was rocking. I had bolts out of the Heating and Air Conditioning plan and they were rolling around. I was afraid I would lose the bolts, or fall off the top of this trailer. I looked down at the concrete and prayed I lost the bolts instead of falling. Two hours later, I could think myself sliding off the roof as the teenagers continued to wrestle inside. I yelled down to the parents and told them to get the teenagers out of the trailer, or they were going without a/c for the rest of their trip.


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