Ice cream shops must have the best commercial air conditioners

I am a huge ice cream person, and so is my boyfriend. We have visited quite a few different ice cream shops in our town, but our favorite one has to be the one by the beach. I’m not sure if it’s because we are straight out of a hot beach day by the time we reach it, but it always hits the spot. One of the best things about visiting an ice cream shop is walking into fresh cold air conditioning. One of the reasons you might have ice cream is because you want to cool off, so walking into a super cold delight is quite the treat. Last time we got ice cream I spoke to the employees about how cold it gets in there, and they said the amount of money the owners pay in energy due to the air conditioning pumping all hours of the day is insane. They have a couple of energy saving tips they rely on to help them lower the costs during the summertime when it’s especially cold. One of their best energy saving tips they shared with us was to regularly clean out the air filters. Because they are in a commercial space with lots of foot traffic, the air filters fill up a lot more quickly than an average home filter would. Because of this, they change out the air filters every two weeks during the intense summer months. It made me start thinking about our own home cleanliness practices, so we adopted this tip to make sure our systems are good to go too!


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