I’m so glad I moved here

I’m so glad I moved here to this part of the country.

We don’t really need the air conditioning here at all during most of the year, and that’s amazing to me.

Having grown up in an area where I had to use the central air conditioning from the end of March all the way through the end of September, living here is really different for me now. I really love the fact that I don’t have to constantly worry about the cooling system in my house now. It’s one less thing for me to have to be concerned about during the summer. I keep thinking about the way that I used to have to run the air conditioning all the time and it was just terrible. I hated the way that I had to deal with canned air, as my dad calls it. I just really love fresh air and I love to have the windows open during the nights when the weather is nice. Previously, when I lived elsewhere, I could never sleep with the windows open at night, even when the weather was nice. It would get so hot and humid at night that if I left the windows open, the whole house would be muggy and feeling like a greenhouse by the time I woke up in the morning. I just hated the fact that I couldn’t sleep with the windows open and that I had to run the air conditioning constantly. It was really expensive to run the A/C all the time, that’s for sure. I’m really glad that the weather here where I live now is so much nicer. I can live here without air conditioning for the entire year.


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