It’s easier to schedule an appointment online

Brian has been living on his own for 5 years and believes it’s the best decision he ever made.

Since he was young, his parents, aunts and uncles remained close.

This meant besides his 4 siblings. There were almost 15 cousins always around. While Brian loved growing up in a big family, he longed for his own space. But, back then, he had to contend with sharing a bedroom with 3 people. After university, he got work in the city, stayed with roommates and later bought his first home. It’s in a lovely location and has a fully equipped HVAC system. Growing up in a household full of people meant the HVAC system in their home was always running. But, for some reason, the house never felt comfortable, especially in summer and winter. This is why Brian sought a house to buy that has a functioning HVAC system. Before signing on the dotted line, Brain had an HVAC expert come over and inspect the unit. The HVAC expert gave the HVAC system a clean bill of health, so Brian and the realtor completed the deal. Now, he has to ensure proper HVAC system maintenance, and he’s good to go. Brian finds scheduling an appointment online easier than calling the HVAC business office. He gets a call back within the hour when he leaves a message online. The first time Brian scheduled an HVAC maintenance online, he was worried they’d take too long to respond. But, the HVAC expert he spoke to informed him that they’re always alert to online bookings. So, it was a good way to book an appointment.

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