It’s not just about the cooling when it comes to the heat pump

I simply can’t imagine what life would be like separate from my trusty heat pump.

And this is the time of year when it’s truly earning its keep.

The heat pump is aptly named as it turns out. That’s something which I always found weird. Since the heat pump ran the central a/c in every locale I’d lived while in my life, I thought it was unusual that it wasn’t named a cool pump. It seemed just completely counter intuitive to call it a heat pump. But after that I got a bit of a lesson in Heating and Air Conditioning technology from our Heating and Air Conditioning professional. The people I was with and I get heating repair in the fall which is then followed by an a/c tune-up in the Springtime. The Heating and Air Conditioning business allowed myself and others to watch and learn while in 1 of these Heating and Air Conditioning repair appointments. And this is when I found out that the heat pump is quite aptly named. This piece of residential Heating and Air Conditioning is called a heat pump because it’s able to move heat energy from 1 locale to another. So when every one of us crank the temperature control in order to kick on the central a/c, the first thing to happen is the moving of heat energy. The heat pump is able to extract heat energy from the air and exhaust it outside. This lowers the temperature while making room for cooler air. But it also balances the humidity level inside the house. This is why the air inside a lake house with nice Heating and Air Conditioning unit feels crisp plus cooling. And this is such an substantial area of the Heating and Air Conditioning process. Balancing the humidity keeps the mold and mildew at bay.


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