Jessica’s air conditioning stopped working last night

Jessica’s air conditioning broke down last night.

If it had gone down in the middle of the day or early morning, Jessica would’ve phoned the Heating and A/C worker instantly.

However, the air conditioning unit stopped working an hour before bedtime. She didn’t want to call the Heating and A/C worker ‌ because they’d have charged her after hour charges. Jessica would be forced to pay almost double the price for AC repairs. Her son wasn’t ecstatic with Jessica’s decision to not phone the Heating and A/C business, but she told him that swimming before bed could help cool him off. They headed outside to the pool and jumped in. 20 minutes later they felt cooler and more comfortable than they did before getting into the pool. When inside, her son removed the bathing suit and headed to bed. About half an hour later, he went into Jessica’s room. Jessica’s son told her he could not sleep without air conditioning. He would not allow her to sleep until they had air conditioning. Once again, Jessica told him she wouldn’t phone the Heating and A/C worker when they were going to charge her so much money. He said that since it was a money issue, he was going to make it cost her more even if she didn’t call the Heating and A/C worker. Jessica’s son demanded they spend the night in a hotel with AC. She was forced to phone the Heating and A/C worker. An hour later, the Heating and A/C tech was at the condo repairing the air conditioning unit. Jessica hadn’t realized that even though it was after hours she was still going to not have to pay because they had a service and maintenance agreement. Otherwise, she’d be sound asleep.


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