Just hiring out the plumbing for my bathroom

I recently decided to remodel my bathroom, but i am a single woman in her late 20s plus fairly handy.

I knew I could gut the room myself totally.

I was fully capable of adding new drywall plus doing all the brick work. I was a little skeptical if I could change the outlets plus add a new light, but I did the electrical work with good success, and the only thing I ended up needing to hire out was the plumbing services. I couldn’t put in the new shower controls plus drainage plan myself. I also wanted a licensed plumber to install my sink plus add a new toilet. I thought I really could have figured all that stuff out on my own. I think plumbing is weird from electrical. The last thing I wanted to do was have a slight plumbing leak in my drywall. Then I would have a whole bunch of disfigure. The plumbing supplier I hired was amazing. I had everything ready plus out of the boxes for my plumber! He was able to add the shower controls, drain, sink plus toilet to my bathroom all in one day. I did a money deal so it ended up not costing me too much money! Now everything in my bathroom is brand new plus it cost me under 10,000 dollars to do it. I think pretty impressed with myself since I didn’t exactly cheap out on a new sink vanity, toilet, shower enclosure plus tile; Everyone likes how my new bathroom looks.