Make mine a double ice water.

All winter long, all I could think about was going to the beach, laying on the sand, and enjoying the sun.

I closed my eyes and pictured that white sand and the crystal blue water that was flowing back and forth.

I would lay close enough to the concession stand that I could hear people going up and ordering their drinks. The full-service bar, and I would reach up for my Mai Tai as the young man brought it over to me. When the summer began, I was going to make my dream come true. I packed everything up, told my wife we were going away for the weekend, and we headed to the beach. When we got there, it was hot, humid, and there were so many people that it was even hard to find a place for my wife and I to decide together. Instead of reaching out for a drink, I had to walk a hundred miles to the concession stand. I looked at the bar but all I could say was ‘ I’ll take a double ice water. As I turned around and said I wanted to add one more thing to that. I ordered a portable air conditioning unit. What he handed me was a small water bottle that had a fan attached. My portable air conditioner was nothing more than a spray bottle. We were on the beach for less than half an hour when my wife stood, packed everything up, and said she was ready to go home. We went to the nearest hotel that had air conditioning and settled in for the rest of the weekend.


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