Movie night got canceled last week

The two of us had to cancel our weekly movie night when our air conditioner components broke down on us.

  • Jo and I have 4 teen boys plus my spouse plus I constantly try to host a movie night regularly so that every one of us can all reaffix plus have fun together at least 1 night per week.

Jo and I assume that it’s legitimately important for us to do stuff like that together as a family respectfully plus on a regular basis. Anyway, the temperature outside has been in the high double digits for a couple of weeks plus it’s been miserable around here. I guess that the central air conditioner is really important to everyone during the Summer, but for our family it’s definitely more important than you might think, then our guys are constantly really overly hot, plus Jo plus I have naturally high body temperatures as well… During the Summer every one of us feel really miserable if every one of us do not have any air conditioner. The two of us have a young child who is super sensitive to heat plus starts feeling sick if the temperature in the condo falls beneath 77 degrees or so. So when our central air conditioner stopped working the other night on movie night, every one of us knew that every one of us could not go ahead with everything as planned. When Jo and I went into the study room, every one of us honestly had to have the air conditioner running or every one of us are all miserable. Everyone ended up going back into their own rooms where they could have the fans going on them all night long plus I contacted the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C supplier to make an appointment to get the central air conditioner system fixed.

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