Not one soul likes working on weekends

There are people who head to work on the weekends.

Tom’s workmates and him take turns doing this.

When it’s his turn to work on the weekend, Tom tries not to complain. Not one soul likes working on the weekends, but they each have to take a turn. At the start of last month, it was Tom’s turn to work on the weekend. His first task was a service tune up for a heat pump and cooling unit. That task didn’t take really long to complete. Tom went to get some coffee when he was finished at the first house. The next task on the schedule was only 8 miles away from the other place. Tom barely had time to sip his hot drink before he was pulling into the driveway of the next Heating, Ventilation, & A/C repair. The young girl waiting for him closed the front door, but she had it wide open when Tom arrived. Tom knocked on the door and she made him show identification before she’d let him come inside. Tom reminded the lady that she called him, not the other way around. After the young lady finally led him into the house, she led Tom where the heating system was located. Tom had to climb through piles and piles of garbage to get to the part where the heating system was installed. He did not want to work on a weekend and Tom particularly didn’t like doing so on a Saturday. But, he has to work every once in a while just like the rest of the crew. At least the job is fun, exciting, and interesting for him.

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