One of these days, I’ll learn not to answer our cellphone while working.

Normally, I won’t answer our cellphone when I’m working, but our dad wasn’t feeling well when I left for work.

She had been having some concerns with her heart, and I was distraught about him.

I made a mental note to answer the cellphone whenever it rang, in case dad needed me. I was working on the seventh a/c repair for the day when the cellphone rang. I didn’t even look at the caller ID, but answered immediately. I had barely said hello when I heard our wifey’s voice. She was angry about something, and I was her target for the day. She was screaming at me even before I got the hello out. I tried to tell her that I was working and was busy with an A/C unit, however she ignored me. She asked if our task was more important than she was, and I had to say yes… Without our task, she wouldn’t want to be with me. If she wanted me to take her out, I had to do our task. If I wasn’t doing our task, the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier would fire me, and she would leave me. By this time she was crying and saying I didn’t prefer her anymore. It was right about then that the homeowner came out to ask how things were going. I hung up on her to talk to the homeowner about our findings with the a/c unit. I tried to call her back before pulling out of the driveway, however she didn’t answer. I felt relieved when I thought she may chop up with me after this.

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