One Year Payment Plan for New Furnace

I had been on the fence about replacing our oil furnace! The unit was over a decade old, but it was still heating our cabin when I needed it to… It wasn’t the most efficient, but I also wasn’t paying a fortune to heat our house, so I didn’t see the urgency to have it replaced.

  • The Heating plus A/C supplier consistently told myself and others that I needed to consider replacing it with something new, but I just couldn’t stomach the price tag.

I had the money in our account for a current 1, but I hated to spend that much money on 1 sitting for a piece of unit that wasn’t even broken. Then, our Heating plus A/C supplier sent myself and others an advertisement about a special they were running. They were offering a 12 month payment plan for all oil furnaces with 0% interest for 1 year, all I needed to do was fill out an approval form with the bank plus then once I was approved, I could order our oil furnace. This was exactly what I needed to order our current oil furnace! I had the money available to pay for the entire oil furnace upfront, but I didn’t want to spend it all at once. The payment plan would let myself and others gradually make payments separate from any interest for 1 year. By the end of the year, I’d have all our payments made plus a brand current oil furnace to enjoy. This was the best situation for me! I’m so cheerful the Heating plus A/C supplier sent myself and others that advertisement because it was exactly what I needed. I wonder if they knew that’s what it would take to receive our business?