Power went out

Sometimes when I am feeling down about our life or our circumstances I need a reminder that things are not so bad and I have a lot to be grateful for.

Luckily, the universe is always ready to show myself and others that things can be a lot worse.

The other morning, for instance, I was doing homework and mentally complaining to myself about what an uncomfortable situation I was in. I felt legitimately overloaded and just wanted to relax for the evening, then just as I was lamenting our own victimhood because of our master’s program, the power suddenly flickered. Our electricity went off and back on before it ultimately disappeared. Without the electricity, I lost our ability to do our homework and all of the lights in the apartment, however unluckyly, this also meant that I lost all indoor air pollen levels control measures. Our AC unit stopped working, our thermostat was completely blank, and there were not even fans available to circulate the warm and humid air inside of the apartment. All of a sudden, I was surrounded by stagnant and muggy indoor air. I struggled through a few minutes trying to stay comfortable without the a/c. I lit a few candles so that I could navigate the space. However, I realized that those tiny flames were contributing to the uncomfortable indoor air issue.That’s when I finally provided up and just laid perfectly still in the balmy air – accepting our sweaty fate for the rest of the stagnant evening. That’s when I realized, things could always be a lot worse… I could have no a/c or electrical conveniences. Just then, the power and AC unit roared back to life.


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