Pulling back on the thermostat this summer

It’s July and we aren’t even half way through the summer heat and humidity.

In this region, you can count on near triple digits in heat and humidity from June through September.

While we aren’t all that far from the mid point of all this heat, I’m at least encouraged with the HVAC cooling costs. Since moving down here, I really didn’t do much during the summer but pour on more HVAC cooling. This was really what felt like the only option when it came to managing this sort of heat. For sure, I was more than willing to trade the gas furnace for the heat pump in the winter. And honestly, for 8 months of the year, there really isn’t better weather anywhere. But the four months of summer are the cost of all that great weather. So this year, I decided to get a bit more realistic with the air conditioning in my home. Honestly, I think that too much air conditioning was making the summer heat even more unbearable. It was like I couldn’t go anywhere there wasn’t HVAC cooling blasting. And that’s just stupid. So this year, I tightened up the house to keep the HVAC cooling in and the heat out. Then, I installed some solar drapes to stop the direct sunlight heating as well. Both of those preparations have made a big difference in how we are cooling our house this summer. Yet, the biggest change has been the thermostat setting. We are just so much more focused on keeping the thermostat no more than 15 degrees cooler than the peak afternoon temperatures. And it’s working.
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