Replacing a central a/c with a multi split a/c

My parents have been residing in their house for decades.

They’ve made so many renovations over the past few years that I cannot recognize it as the house that I grew up in. It used to feel incredibly nostalgic to come back home and see our old family room, but now everything is different so it doesn’t come off as the same. I still question their most recent renovation, which was to substitute their central air conditioning unit with a multi split a/c. I have gathered that a multi split a/c involves multiple small units that are spread throughout the house that provides cool air in a similar fashion that a window a/c might. With a central a/c, you have air vents spread throughout the house that push out air that originates from a central a/c, usually housed in some sort of closet or possibly a garage. Our house had a central a/c for almost three decades, so I was shocked that they decided to change to a different approach. Their rationale was that they don’t typically go upstairs because their living room is on the first floor, so having a central a/c pump air up there was pointless. I feel that making the switch to a multi split a/c will likely decrease the value of the home, so I’m not convinced that was a sound long-term decision. I wish they had talked to me before making such a choice, but maybe they knew that I would have talked them out of it.


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