Replacing a central air conditioner with a multi break air conditioner

My parents have been living in their condo for more than twenty years.

They’ve made so many changes over the past few years that it is no longer the condo that I grew up in.

It used to feel quite nostalgic to return home every now and then, however now everything is transformed, so being home doesn’t muster quite the same feeling. I still question their most recent renovation, which was to do away with their central heating and air conditioning system in favor of a multi break air conditioner. From what I can understand, a multi break air conditioner involves multiple small units that are dispersed throughout the condo that provides cool air in the same way that a window a/c is capable of doing. With a central air conditioner, you have air vents spread throughout the condo that release air that comes from a central air conditioner, usually stored in some sort of closet or other such space. The condo has had a central air conditioner for a very long time, so I was shocked that they decided to switch it out for this strange approach. Their rationale was that they wanted the option to cool only those rooms that they used the most, and it is true that they hardly ever went upstairs. I still feel that switching to a multi break air conditioner likely decreased the value of the home, so I’m not sure if that was a very wise long-term decision. I wish they had told me about their plans beforehand, but I guess they’re the ones that own the home in the end



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