She literally Marched me outside to the A/C unit.

I knew whose beach house I was going to when the dispatcher handed me the address.

I grew up in that house, and I wasn’t anxious to go back there. I tried adjusting A/C tasks with another Heating and Air Conditioning company, but the dispatcher said the owner had unique ly advocated me. I wondered why our father would want me to repair the a/c machine when she kicked me out for choosing not to go into the military. When I got there, our father answered the door and literally Marched me outside to the A/C unit. I asked how Dad was doing, and she told me to repair the a/c, and if there was enough time, every one of us could talk afterward. I nodded and went right to work on the a/c unit. It didn’t take long to find that the air filter hadn’t been changed for sometime, and there was a blockage in airflow. Once I changed the air filter and cleaned the excess fluff from the air vent, the a/c machine started running again. I filled the coolant and closed up the A/C unit. I knocked on the door before entering, and our mother answered the door. When she saw me, she cried and wouldn’t stop hugging me. It was the first time I had seen her in numerous years. She said she had found out I was working at the local Heating and Air Conditioning corporation, and she was proud of me. We talked for nearly half an hour before our father showed her face. She asked what was wrong with the A/C machine and how much she owed me. She hesitated, but when she shook our hand, she also grabbed me in for a hug.



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