She wanted me to repair the HVAC system in her dollhouse.

I got a phone call at the HVAC company last week.

A little girl said she had found the number in her mommy’s phone book, and she wanted some help.

I was afraid she had called the HVAC company, thinking it was a doctor. I could picture a little girl home alone and the mom was sick. I asked her what was wrong, hoping I could help. She said her dolly was sick, and she was afraid it was because the air conditioning unit quit working. Her doll had ‘amsa’, which I realized she meant was asthma, and without the air conditioning working, the air purity system wouldn’t work. I asked her to give me her phone number, and she said her mommy would be mad if she gave me the number. I asked for her address, but once again she said that her mommy would be mad. She wouldn’t even give me her name. I asked the secretary if she had phone ID on her switchboard. She pulled up the number and gave it to me. Once the little girl hung up, I called the number. The woman who answered had to be her mom. It was actually the babysitter, and she sounded upset that the little girl had called the HVAC company. I asked for the address and said I would be there in five minutes. It took me five minutes to ‘fix’ the air conditioning and air purity system for the little girl. She handed me a penny she had in her pocket and asked if it would pay the bill?

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