That job took less time than I’d thought to complete

Working during the weekend isn’t fun, but my co-workers and I alternate who is. When I have to work on the weekend, I always keep a positive mind. It’s not ideal working the weekends, but we have a schedule that covers everyone. Two weeks ago it was my turn to work on the weekend. Number one on my list of things to do was a service tune up for a HVAC system. Tuning up the HVAC system took only an hour. I grabbed a cup of Starbucks Coffee when I was finished at that house. The next thing to do on the schedule was only a few miles away from the other place. I barely had time to sip my hot Starbucks Coffee before I was pulling into the driveway of the next Heating and Air Conditioning repair. The person waiting for me closed the front door, even though he had it wide open when I turned the corner. I had to knock on the door and he insisted I show identification before he’d open it for me. I had to calmly say that he contacted the HVAC company and not the other way around. After the old guy finally let me into the house, he pointed to where the oil furnace was situated. I had to move so many boxes of junk to get to the part where the oil furnace was situated. I didn’t want to be at work last weekend and I don’t appreciate being on call on a Sunday. However, I have to do it just like the rest of the crew. I’m grateful that my job is fun, exciting, and interesting in every way.

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