The A/C broke down half an hour before bed

The cooling unit in Ron’s lake house stopped working last week.

If this had taken place in the middle of the day or early morning, Ron would’ve had the HVAC business send someone over instantly.

Unluckily, the cooling unit stopped working at 11 pm. He didn’t want to contact the Heating and Air Conditioning business because they’d have charged him extra. Ron thought he’d have to pay almost 3 times the price for A/C repairs. His fiance wasn’t elated when Ron opted not to call the HVAC business. His suggestion was that they go swimming before bed so they could cool off. Ron and his fiance headed outside to the lake and jumped in. After 10 minutes, they felt cooler and chilled than they did before getting into the pool. After returning to the lake house, they dried themselves and headed to bed. About an hour later, Ron felt his fiance’s elbow in his ribs. She was finding it hard to sleep without the air conditioning system, and she refused to keep tossing and turning all night. Ron insisted he’d not call the HVAC business when they were going to charge him so much money. His fiance said if it was all about finances, she was going to make it cost him more even if he didn’t get the HVAC business on the phone. She was going to the hotel that evening. Ron contacted the HVAC business. In 40 minutes, the Heating & Air Conditioning tech was at the lake house repairing the air conditioning system unit. Ron had an HVAC service and repair agreement with them. This meant he could have the cooling system fixed at any time, day or night and not pay extra. Knowing that would’ve saved him much grief.

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