The AC was taking too long to cool their home

Angela and Alfred have been living together for 6 months. They met during quarantine when some friends held an online party. Since everyone was at home staying safe, they had to find creative ways to maintain a social life. Angela’s friend has always been a wizard when it comes to parties. She put together the event, which was so much fun. Alfred was taken by Angela and messaged her. She responded, and they met face to face later when it was safe to do so. After that, they started dating and opted to move in together a year later. They sold all their possessions and bought the house together to make it feel like home. Last week, Angela wasn’t feeling okay, so she stayed at home, and that’s when she noticed an issue with the AC. They had an AC system in the house, which was inspected before they bought the place. Angela noticed that the AC was taking too long to cool their home. She was sweating and feeling even worse since the house was so humid. Angela phoned the AC repair business in the area for assistance with the issue. However, they couldn’t get to the house until the following morning. Angela had to wait and opted to get a portable AC to place in the living room where she was relaxing for the day. Alfred arrived in the evening and noticed Angela was using the portable AC to keep the living room cool. He asked about this, and Angela explained all about the faulty AC unit that wasn’t cooling their home.


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