The farm equipment froze in the barn

My dad has a barn where he keeps all of his farming equipment.

The barn is sheltered on three sides and the front is open.

During the winter months, the walls help protect the farm equipment from freezing temperatures and snow and ice. My dad used to have a small space heater in there, but it broke down a couple of years ago. The space heater would have been handy last weekend, when we actually received two feet of snow at one time. Everyone was shocked and surprised and the farm equipment froze in the barn. My dad was going to take the farm equipment out to plow the fields, but the tractor was completely frozen. My dad said something funny about the frozen equipment, but I could see that he was totally frustrated. I went inside of the house and I grabbed a space heater from the garage. I went back out to the shed and I plugged it into the wall. I ran an extension cord from the wall all the way to the area where the tractor was sitting. I covered the tractor with a wool blanket and I placed the heater under it. About two hours later, the whole garage and the tractor were finally thawed out and ready for use. My dad kept the space heater in the barn and he uses it from time to time when the temperatures are below freezing for more than a day or two at a time. I had a good idea when I decided to fetch the heater from the house.

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