The hotel for the baseball tournament

This past week every one of us had to drive to a baseball tournament plus every one of us had to stay at a local hotel that none of us had ever been to before! The site seemed really nice, but it was all legitimately eco friendly.

I do not mind the idea of an eco friendly site for the most part, however I started to get aggravated about the fact that they had eco friendly air conditioner components in the hotel suites.

They had this odd button right next to the thermostat that said you had to press it every more than one fourths to get the air conditioner component to stay on. This was the 1st time that I had ever seen anything like this at all plus I hope that it’s the last time. I mean, I understand the fact that they want to save energy plus be all good for the environment, however I did not appreciate the fact that I had to wake up in the tepid hotel room more than two times a night to switch the air conditioner back on! You would believe that there would be some way to keep the room’s air conditioner running all night long but there was no setting for that at all. It was kind of frustrating, to be honest with you! Everything else was fine, but the fact that I couldn’t keep the air conditioner working when I wanted it to stay on was irritating, to say the least. I never want to have to deal with that kind of terrible air conditioner again. I legitimately hope that it doesn’t catch on with other hotel chains, though! I really don’t like it.

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